Porting a number takes an average of 5 working days and mainly depends on the loosing carrier. The process also doesn’t involve any line interruption as the number is being transferred.

You still retain ownership of the phone numbers you port onto our network.

The steps to port a phone number are the following;

  • Make sure your account has sufficient funds to cover the transaction;
  • Make sure that the phone number you are transferring is not tied by any contract or technical particularities (e.g. part of a hunt group), as the transfer process cannot break these (*);
  • Scan and sign your latest bill on a blank space and send it to our support team, specifying the account number that needs to be used;

The support team will then keep you updated at all time on the transfer process.

*Please note that the porting fees will not be reimbursed if it is cancelled by you or if we are unable to perform the transfer due to any contractual clauses and/or any technical particularities.